One vision. Yours.

For far too long, founders have found themselves in a predicament. Debt is usually expensive, restrictive and largely unavailable. Raising equity is highly dilutive, particularly in early stages of the business life cycle.

We know first-hand how important it is to combine the right funding tools with the right funding partner to scale your business.

That is why we have found a way to fund your growth without any equity dilution. Our revenue-based funding is repaid as you grow your sales, and we leave you in a better position, with the potential for greater market share and with your equity – and the incentive to drive revenues and create jobs – in your hands.

As founders we know that your business is yours, and yours alone.

We make great partners

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    We only win if you win

    Our flexible funding means that if you make no revenue, neither do we. We’re in this together.

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    It’s your business, own it

    You keep control of your business, and we are only there while you need us.

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    Simply transparent

    You’ll know exactly how much you need to repay, with no interest or hidden costs.

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    Our networks are yours

    We apply our collective networks to your business to help you grow sales and create efficiencies.

How we work

Case study: A Linea investee repays when it earns revenues

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    We evaluate your business using revenue metrics to provide you with an amount of funding.

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    You pay us back using a fixed percentage of your future revenues.

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    We don’t take collateral or an active Board seat.

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    We do our best to support you to drive your sales and reduce your operating costs.

The right fit

Companies that fit our model well usually:

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